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Frequently Asked Questions

I was driving around yesterday and saw a house I would love to rent. Whom do I contact to schedule a viewing?

Please call our office at (817) 923-3970 and we will be more than happy to schedule a showing.  You may also submit a request via any of the email forms on this website.​

I only need a place to live during the school year.  Can I do a nine-month lease?

Generally speaking, we only do twelve-month leases.  However, this could be negotiable, so it never hurts to ask!​

Whom do I call if I have a maintenance issue?

If you have a maintenance issue that requires our attention you may call our office at (817) 923-3970 and we will be or submit a maintenance request via any of the email forms on this website.

Do I have to pay my utilities, and if so, which ones?

It varies depending upon the property.  Generally, the utilities will be the responsibility of the tenant, be sure to know what you are responsible for at the time you sign your lease.

Are pets allowed at my rental?

Pets are allowed at certain properties, but not all.  Please call the office to determine whether pets are allowed at your home.  If they are, a pet agreement will need to be signed, and a pet deposit paid. Generally, pet deposits are around $500 per pet depending on what it is.

Is it my responsibility to maintain the yard?

This is different for each property.  Again, be sure to know your responsibilities at the time you sign your lease.

Online Payment Information

Tenants, please use the contact info below if you have a payment question using the On-Line Payment Portal.​ Our Lodge Properties staff will continue to manage questions relating to ledger balances and charges; however, all questions (from tenants) concerning processing through the On-Line Payment Portal will be handled by Real Page Payment Services dedicated email and phone support team found below.

  • Consumer Support Toll-Free Telephone number: 1-844-530-5785

  • Consumer support email:

  • For your convenience, this On-Line Rent Payment Portal has been enacted to expand your options for paying rent. If you would like to discuss using our Free ACH Draft Service, please contact our office. Thank you Lodge Properties. 

Please Note: If you are trying to use two different cards in the On-Line Payment Portal (debit or credit,) only one card will be processed, and may take up to 6 days to clear this system before allowing you to enter another card payment for that particular property. This could cause a portion of your rent payment to be late depending on when your first card payment was submitted. This is a Real Page Payment Services issue that we are unable to resolve at any level. 

For any Payment Portal concerns or issues: Real Page Payment Services' contact information is below.  

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